Annual Balls

Join Us in Celebrating Amon-Ra's 57th Annual Tableau!

This is one of the things we do best

Every year, without fail, The Mystic Krewe of Amon-Ra has held an annual ball since it’s inception.

This is how we ball.

“Nothing compares to being on that stage and transforming reality into a realm of fantasy, even if it is only for one night.

– Jerry Gilley, Krewe of Amon-Ra


Our annual ball is by invitation only. Each Krewe member is given a table of ten seats. To be invited is quite the honor.


Our ball is a formal event. Tuexedos and dresses are required,


Founded in 1965, our Krewe is rich in the history of Gay Mardi Gras.

“Tell Me A Story” 

Ball LVII, February 5, 2022
Captain: John S. Zeringue III

Queen: Bootsie DeVille
King: Anthony Lala, Jr.

Sponsor Amon-Ra

“La Petite Boule”

Ball LVI, May 22, 2021

Captain:  Bill McCarthy

Royalty LV Presented
(No New Royalty Crowned Due To Pandemic)

Sponsor Amon-Ra

“The Aviary Ball”

Ball LV – February 1, 2020

Captain: Bill McCarthy

Queen: Stuart Nettles
King: John East

Sponsor Amon-Ra

“The Boomer Ball”

Ball LIV – February 9, 2019

Captain: John East

Queen: Gabriel Mitchell 
King: Matt Easley 

Dedicated to Kenny Walker

Sponsor Amon-Ra

“Express Yourself”

Ball LIII – January 20, 2018

Captain: Errol Rizzuto (John East)

Queen LIII: Ron Issler
King LIII: Jeremy Weinberg

Dedicated to Errol Rizzuto.

Sponsor Amon-Ra

“A Night at the Opera…ahh..Opry”

Ball LII – 2017

Captain: Leonard Williams

Queen: Regina Adams
King: Ronnie White

Sponsor Amon-Ra

“Everything That Glitters Isn’t Gold”

Ball LI – 2016

Captain: Leonard Williams

Queen LI: Mina Hernandez
King LI: Chris Arthur

Sponsor Amon-Ra

“Weighing of the Heart – Final Judgment”

50th Anniversay

Ball L – 2015

Captain: John S. Zeringue III

Queen L: Mike Moreau
King L: Darwin Reed

Sponsor Amon-Ra

“A Year in the Eye of Amon-Ra”

Ball XLIX – 2014

Captain: John S. Zeringue III

King XLIX: David Richerson 

Sponsor Amon-Ra

“Dreams and Fantasies”

Ball XLVIII – 2013

Captain: Mike Moreau

Queen XLVIII: Leonard Williams
King XLVIII: John S. Zeringue III

Sponsor Amon-Ra

“Carnivale – Twilight in the Jungle” 

Ball XLVII – 2012

Captain: John S. Zeringue III

Queen XLVII: Barry Rutherford

King XLVII: David Forth